Tejaswani Arora

Tejaswani Arora
  • September 17, 2021

Tejaswani Arora

A clinical psychology professional with a master’s degree in Clinical and Child Psychology, Tejaswani has joined Athena as a Case Manager. Tejaswani Arora is excited to apply her skills and expertise in diagnosing, handling, counselling, and providing support to every mental health patient who is going through emotional, intra-, interpersonal, and psychological struggles.

Tejaswani Arora is currently working as a Child Psychologist at Mom’s Belief Samvedna Centre for Rehabilitation – New Delhi, India, and as a Moderator at Time To Talk Mental Health – Cambridge, United Kingdom. She also holds experience working with SKAT, Cambridge, United Kingdom where she was responsible to support a group of Special Education Needs Children within a class, ensuring a positive learning environment, and forming an individual plan for the children.

Apart from these, she has gained immense knowledge by working as an intern with various organizations such as Moolchand Hospital, Delhi; Upasana Special School, Delhi; Fortis Hospital, Delhi; and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi, to name a few.

She holds expertise in diagnosing, identifying, and treating various psychological conditions; collecting patient information through interviews, observations, tests, and surveys; and also can diagnose any condition that falls under DSM-V.

Her experience of working with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and conditions makes her a perfect addition to the team at Athena.

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