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Time to treat alcohol related problems like a mental health problem

A lot of people view alcohol dependence as a moral failing when in fact, it is a mental disorder. Unfortunately, alcohol dependence, if left untreated, may have devastating implications. Despite being a global concern, people with different alcohol-related problems are still wary of seeking proper treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD). In a recent study…

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Why is there a need for more de-addiction centers in India?

Almost a decade ago, the United Nations conducted a survey on drug use in India. The results of the survey stated that most Indians first interacted with drugs while they were still young. Recently, the National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), a part of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) conducted another…

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It is never too late to rebuild your life! Get started with a holistic health wellness center

Studies reveal that many patients want to take care of their health holistically by focusing on their overall well-being instead of treating a single illness or by an annual checkup. It is one of the ways to achieve short and long-term health goals. People are moving towards holistic health wellness centers to regain their lost…

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Psychiatric residential treatment facility for adults as a Medical Treatment

According to Dr. B.N. Gangadhar, Director of NIMHANS, most patients admitted to mental health facilities recover fully for discharge in a period of four to six weeks. As per a recent survey conducted in 43 mental health hospitals in India, 36.25% of patients were staying in their facilities for more than a year. Factors including…

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Weaning off drugs may be hard, but not farfetched with drug rehabilitation centers in India

In 2019, Indian anti-drugs agencies had seized over 3,000 kg of heroin and 4,400 kg of opium. However, this humongous confiscation is just a fraction. This is around 5-8% of the supply and consumption of narcotics in India. Long-term use of these illicit substances not just hampers the life of the victim but also of…

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