Athena sets the benchmark with its luxury rehabs in India

People want to overcome their addiction. This was proven by the conclusions drawn from the Global Drug Survey, which polled Indians for the first time. It was found that Indians wanted to reduce their alcohol intake as compared to other nationalities. As per the survey conducted online during October to December 2018, 51 percent Indians…

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As COVID-19 is Causing People to Relapse a Relapse Prevention Therapy Can be the Solution

Dependence on addictive substances grows manifold amid uncertainties. It makes people feel miserable. COVID-19 pandemic has just created these circumstances for people the world over. People are seen taking to substance abuse to cope with the negativity. Moreover, there are rampant relapses among those who had attained sobriety. Relapse is always the most challenging aspect…

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It is never too late to rebuild your life! Get started with a holistic health wellness center

Studies reveal that many patients want to take care of their health holistically by focusing on their overall well-being instead of treating a single illness or by an annual checkup. It is one of the ways to achieve short and long-term health goals. People are moving towards holistic health wellness centers to regain their lost…

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How drug and alcohol rehab centers are assisting people grappling with addiction

Addiction in India is widespread and millions in the country are in the grip of severe alcoholism and abuse of substances like cannabis, opiates and other over-the-counter drugs. However, there is an acute shortage of treatment centres to address this mammoth addiction problem in the country. According to Dr. Atul Ambedkar, additional professor of the…

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Regain Control of Your Life With The Best Rehabilitation Care In India

Addiction to illicit substances not only destroys a person’s life but their relationship with loved ones as well. It snatches the ability to make life decisions by affecting almost every aspect of it in the form of personal, professional, or social connections. The user realizes its brutality when it starts showing its ill effects on…

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