Transform mental health with help from psychiatric rehabilitation centers in India

Although India is witnessing a massive growth in several sectors recently keeping up with western counterparts, one aspect the nation is still lagging far behind is dealing with mental health issues. Following social isolation during the pandemic, psychiatric issues like depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, other mood and behavior disorders have shot up significantly among the population….

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How Rehab Centers in India are shaping tens of thousands of recovering addicts’ lives

When it comes to mental health care, India ranks lowest in public sector spending. Our country earmarks less than 1% of the annual budget for mental health care. The nation spent a very meager amount on India’s National Mental Health Programme in 2017-2018. It reflects the apathy we as a country have for mental health…

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Win over substance abuse with help from a rehabilitation center in India

A February 2019 report on substance use in India by the ministry of social justice and empowerment revealed that 5.2% of Indians or more than 57 million people are the victims of harmful alcohol use. There are an estimated 8.5 lakh people in India who inject drugs (PWID). The report also says that over 1.08%…

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As COVID-19 is causing people to relapse a ‘Relapse Prevention Therapy’ can be the solution

Dependence on addictive substances grows manifold amid uncertainties. It makes people feel miserable. COVID-19 pandemic has just created these circumstances for people the world over. People are seen taking to substance abuse to cope with the negativity. Moreover, there are rampant relapses among those who had attained sobriety. Relapse is always the most challenging aspect…

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The role of family therapy during recovery for alcoholism

Substance abuse is so destructive and pervasive that the whole family has to bear the brunt if immediate steps are not taken. Addiction to substances like alcohol can deprive one from the love of close family members. Hence, involving the family is a major part of any de-addiction treatment for alcoholism. Treatment without involving the…

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