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Priyanka Chopra Shares Her Body Shaming Experiences

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From being Miss World  2020 to becoming an international star, Priyanka Chopra journey may appear a joyride for many. But, the reality is even this ride wasn’t without her share of “ups and downs”.

The globally-acclaimed actor opened up about her dark experiences in the entertainment world in her recent appearance on the Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast.

“Being raised in the industry and having such a tight lens on what my shape was, what my figure was, or what my measurements were, minutely looking at every part of me, I kind of grew up for a while in my 20s, thinking that was normal,” she said.

Talking about the pressure of being perfect and meeting the “unrealistic standards of beauty”, she admitted to having never used her natural hair texture for years. “I used to always just have blown-out hair,” she revealed. It was time, as Priyanka suggested, when she had to think of addressing the needs of her public self than nurturing and caring for herself as a person.

It’s all about the body…

The White Tiger actress recalled the ‘dark’ phase when she was facing severe criticism over her changing body following her father’s demise.

“I think over time when my body started changing and I went through that phase when I was eating my emotions, my body started changing, I reached my 30s, I went through an emotional turmoil because I used to get online grief. People said,’‘ You are looking different, you are aging’, this and that. It messed with my mind at that time. My mind was already in such a dark place and I didn’t have time for it,” she said.

The mounting criticism led to a change in her approach to social media. She was left with no option but to contain her social media interaction. “I went into my Cancerian self-preservation self and got back into my shell,” she shared.

She admitted that she has been feeling the healthiest for the last couple of years, after leaving her “really dark phase” behind.

Love and hate relationship with social media

The best thing about Priyanka Chopra is that she is not bothered by what people say to her or think of her. She knows how to shut up the trollers who try to criticize her for her body shape and the choice of clothes she wears.

In an appearance on the Feel Better, Live More podcast early this year, Priyanka said, “It’s crazy, you have to take away the power from the trolls. Otherwise, if I started giving importance to them, I would not be able to live. But what I realized is that if we give so much credence to online negativity, those are people that are giving you their opinions because they could do it right now with social media being what it is. But it is up to us to see if their opinions matter. Is it going to affect your job? Is it going to affect your family? What is it affecting? And if it’s only affecting our pride, then why are we giving these people so much importance?”

Priyanka Chopra is a perfect example of how to convert stones into milestones. Listening to your heart is more important than listening to those who don’t matter at all, she says.

Take care of your mental health

Body shaming, constant criticism, and bullying are some examples of how one is made to think less of oneself. These types of behaviors slowly affect the mental health of the person, making them doubt themselves and retreat into their shells.

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