Privacy Policy

At Athena Behavioral Health center, we are particular about maintaining client confidentiality. That’s why we have legally bound our employees to ensure that they do not disclose any piece of information relating to our potential clients (those who have connected with us through the call center or via online enquiry), current clients (those who are being treated at one of our rehab centers), and past clients (those who were treated and discharged from our rehab facilities).

We have parallel standards to the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) privacy and security rules that strictly prohibit disclosing or sharing of confidential client information to unauthorized individuals within or outside the company.  

In case, an employee of Athena Behavioral Health is found engaged in willful violation of these guidelines of confidentiality and information protection, they are subject to legal prosecution by the Company.

 At Athena Behavioral Health, we do not spare anybody who dares to share such sensitive information. It is viewed as an attempt to make a dent in the company’s policy of fair dealing and its confidentiality clause, which can have a negative impact on our business operations, reputation, and financial gains as a client-centric company.

While we do not expect such actions to take place in our company, we would not hesitate to take immediate action to investigate and impose due penalties if found guilty. At the same time, we may consider legal prosecution and termination of employment to prevent the occurrences of such incidences in future.