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Prachi Sehrawat


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Prachi Sehrawat, a dedicated and result-oriented professional, has joined Athena Behavioral Health as a Case Manager, adding her diverse skill set to the team. With a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a minor degree in dietetics and nutrition, Prachi brings a unique blend of expertise to her role.

One of Prachi’s standout qualities is her proficiency in multiple languages, which enables her to connect with a wider range of clients and provide a more personalized and culturally sensitive approach to their care. Her ability to communicate effectively and build strong relationships is a valuable asset in the field of mental health.

As a case manager, Prachi excels in active listening and empathy, allowing her to understand the needs of her clients deeply. She is a keen observer and utilizes her analytical skills to develop comprehensive strategies and problem-solving techniques, consistently achieving positive results in her work. Her dedication to mental health and its impact on families, particularly women, is evident in her areas of interest. Prachi also focuses on addressing the stigma associated with drug use and promoting women’s empowerment, making her a passionate advocate for social change.

Prachi commitment to data-driven approaches is showcased through her active involvement in various research projects. She believes in the power of research to inform and improve mental health services, always seeking evidence-based solutions to better support her clients.

Beyond her professional life, Prachi is a multifaceted individual. When not teaching her favorite subject or conducting webinars on mental health, she channels her creativity into her passion for interior design and painting. Her artistic endeavors not only serve as a form of self-expression but also reflect her ability to see beauty in the world, which she, in turn, strives to bring into the lives of those she assists at Athena Behavioral Health.