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Noya Giri


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Noya has joined Athena as a Case Manager to understand and help each patient dealing with any form of mental illness. A holder of an M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, Manesar, Noya has completed her internships with several reputed names in the market. For a year, she has also worked with a renowned healthcare center in Gurgaon, Haryana.

During her trainings, she got a chance to experience first-hand therapeutic sessions, understand how the interventions take place, prepared clinical case histories, wrote & reviewed various psychology-related articles, attended various mental health awareness workshops, and discussed various case studies, to name a few. Before joining Athena, she was working as a trainee psychologist wherein she was responsible for planning, monitoring and adapting appropriate treatment programs, conducting group sessions with the patients, assessing the risks associated with clients based on their mental health and social needs, supporting caregivers, etc.

As a student, she had prepared various dissertations and research papers like “The role of cognitive dissonance in the imposter phenomenon induced anxiety in the workplace,” “Cognitive distortions as a long-term effect of childhood trauma in adults,” etc. She has been an active student during her academics and is ready to utilise her zeal in treating patients at Athena.