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Five Parenting Mistakes That Deteriorate a Child’s Emotional Strength

Parenting seems to be an easy job to many, but it actually involves a lot more than just having to take care of the child’s needs and wants. There’s a lot that goes into shaping the child’s behavior and personality. It is true that every parent makes mistakes; the only difference is some makes bigger than the others.

Parenting mistakes can take many forms and one of the most common one is emotional abuse. Although emotional abuse is hard to identify, it is important to remember that this form of parental abuse can take forms such as verbal abuse, terrorizing, exploiting, isolating, rejecting, neglecting, and parentifying​. It occurs when parents repeatedly interact with their children in a harmful way. It is not always easy to identify emotional abuse by parents as it is generally considered as bad parenting skills by many.

Mentioned below are the top five parenting mistakes that can deteriorate a child’s emotional strength and leave scars for a long term:

  1. Silent Treatment

Parents use silent treatment to punish their child for some mistake they make. But it is important for them to understand the need of communicating to them the mistake they have made. Staying silent to punish your child would only harm their emotional strength.

  1. Minimizing Your Kid’s Feelings

It is important for parents to acknowledge their child’s feelings. When they share their feelings about an instance, parents should avoid saying things like, ‘it’s not a big deal.’ Instead, try to train them brainstorming the solutions and finding the solution that might work for them. 

  1. Labeling The Child

It is a common practice among parents to label their child with different names and tags like useless, dirty, etc. But they must realize that this would not motivate the child in improving their skills. Rather, they might end up living up to that label and believing themselves to be one of those kinds. 

  1. Expecting Perfection

It is important for parents to understand that their child is a human being like other kids. Therefore, expecting perfection in everything they do, be it studies, sports, or any other activity, would only lead to self-esteem issues. It is, rather, better to teach them to learn from their failures and be prepared to succeed the next time. 

  1. Too Much Control

Controlling your child too much might lead to anxiety in a long run. The child may be dependent on his/her parents when taking decisions in his/her life and in turn, might be unable to become an independent individual. They may end up looking up to their parents when taking the big decisions in life. 

Seeking Help Is the Key

It is recommended to a child who has been facing emotionally abuse to share his/her experiences with someone they trust – be it a school teacher, a counsellor or somebody else they trust. They might understand their pain and help them to get connected with a mental health professional. This is because facing emotional trauma might lead to the development of mental health issues like depression and anxiety that can only be resolved by a mental health expert. In case, there’s someone you know who is dealing with a similar situation and is looking to get connected with an experienced mental health professional, Athena Behavioral Health can help.

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