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Why should addiction treatment include family therapy for alcoholism?

When someone becomes the victim of addiction, it not only impacts the person but the entire family. Modern psychological studies have emphasized on providing help to people struggling with addiction through family therapy. This is because their families have also experienced distress in response to the suffering of their loved ones. An addiction in the…

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The role of family therapy during recovery for alcoholism

Substance abuse is so destructive and pervasive that the whole family has to bear the brunt if immediate steps are not taken. Addiction to substances like alcohol can deprive one from the love of close family members. Hence, involving the family is a major part of any de-addiction treatment for alcoholism. Treatment without involving the…

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Revive relationships that matter with Family Care Programs

Being on the fast lane to achieve the best in life has distanced people from loved ones, deeply affecting personal relationships. It’s important to aim for professional growth, but, not at the cost of sacrificing relationships. If one is not happy and suffering personally, it cannot be called true success. Life is meant to be…

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