Drug Addiction

Weaning off drugs may be hard, but not farfetched with drug rehabilitation centers in India

In 2019, Indian anti-drugs agencies had seized over 3,000 kg of heroin and 4,400 kg of opium. However, this humongous confiscation is just a fraction. This is around 5-8% of the supply and consumption of narcotics in India. Long-term use of these illicit substances not just hampers the life of the victim but also of…

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COVID pandemic is fuelling drug use

Substance abuse in India is as pervasive as the western nations, no matter how underreported the cases may go. Millions of Indians are mired by excessive use of substances ranging from alcohol, opiates, cannabis to other prescription drugs. Several studies done recently, affirm the widespread drug menace in the Indian society. A broader survey conducted…

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What is dual diagnosis and why is it important to address it early?

Mental illness and substance abuse individually have devastating effects on patients and their loved ones. And, when these two problems merge, the devastating outcome is termed as dual diagnosis. According to the MedlinePlus, people with substance use disorders have two times higher risk of developing anxiety or depression. This suggests a large overlap between mental…

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