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Dr. Shambhavi Das

Music Therapist

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Dr. Shambhavi Das has joined Athena as an Music Therapist . She is a distinguished Music Therapist specializing in the realm of Indian music genres, utilizing the harmonious power of melodies to address a myriad of mental health concerns. With over 11 years of compassionate practice, she has built a remarkable legacy of fostering deep and trusting relationships with her clients, providing them with effective therapeutic care.

Certified as a Counsellor with expertise in musical vibrational techniques, Shambhavi’s proficiency extends to understanding the nuances of Chakras and Dosha imbalances, employing music as a conduit for healing. Her impact reverberates through her role as an Experienced Music Therapy Coach and Mentor, spearheading awareness programs on music therapy for wellbeing and healthcare across diverse settings, including schools, hospitals, universities, and residential areas.

Shambhavi’s dedication shines as a Music Therapy Guru and Guide for students, both at universities and schools. She imparts her wisdom as a resource faculty in music therapy education, contributing to diploma courses such as those at Yenepoya Hospital and Meera Centre for Music Therapy.

In her role as a Music Therapist at Manasthali Mental Health Psychiatry Centre, Shambhavi provided individualized care for clients battling an array of disorders, tailoring her interventions to address specific needs. Her expertise spans from utilizing ragas and chants to employing sound meditation and voice exercises, all while adapting to her clients’ capabilities and interests.

As the Founder of Manonaad Centre for Music Therapy, Shambhavi channels her passion for healing through Chakra Balancing, invoking the therapeutic vibrations of musical notes for holistic well-being. Her holistic approach extends to integrating Yoga, Arts, theatre, writing, and journaling into her musical interventions.

Beyond her therapeutic practice, Shambhavi’s contributions are showcased through her prolific research, workshops, and publications. Her commitment to spreading awareness of music therapy is evident through her impactful workshops and research papers. Her Udemy course on music therapy has earned her accolades, and she has lent her expertise to initiatives like Manotsava – a mental health awareness camp.

Dr. Shambhavi Das stands as an exemplar in the field of Music Therapy, embodying a harmonious blend of healing, education, and compassion. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of music in the realm of mental health and well-being.